chapter  1
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Welcome to Athletic & Orthopedic Injury Assessment: Case Responses and Interpretations, a companion book to Athletic & Orthopedic Injury Assessment: A Case Study Approach. The case study text is designed to allow preprofessionals and students to step into the role of an evaluating clinician as they acquire, interpret, and attempt to make rational clinical decisions using classroom theory (i.e., knowledge and comprehension) and clinical reality (application). Each case includes a set of questions to aid in this process. In Case Responses and Interpretations, you will find possible responses and guidance for all questions that accompany the case studies. While the cases themselves are not reprinted in this book, the questions are provided. You’ll find that the answers include identification of differential and clinical diagnoses; explanations of diagnostic tests; relevant anatomical information; splinting, spine boarding, and other techniques/procedures; and much more. We hope you find this book helpful, whether you are an instructor leading class discussions and analyzing student work, a preprofessional preparing for the case scenarios on the BOC national certification exam, or a student seeking to compare these suggested answers with your own analyses.