chapter  2
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Small firms in the economy (and solar system)

ByScott Holmes, Michael T. Schaper

This chapter examines some of the "big picture" statistics about Small and Medium Enterprises, and shows how people work and manage in a small firm. It focuses on a static business and employment evaluation. The chapter outlines the standard employment and value-based analysis of small firms within economies. The Australian Bureau of Statistics' definition of a small business is fewer than 20 employees. The Australian nascent ventures are driven by opportunity makes sense: they are more likely to evolve in "mature" industries, such as business consulting/services, construction, retailing, consumer services, and health education and social services. Entities in the solar system – growth capped and growth uncapped. Basically, growth capped firms actively seek to grow revenues, market share and returns, but only to a point. The growth uncapped group have no qualms with diluting control, or changing the ownership mix, provided they can achieve their business ownership objectives.