chapter  6
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Catering and beverages

ByPhilip Berners

Key to every event is the provision of food and drink – not only because everybody knows good food from bad food, but because it is a legal requirement to serve food when serving alcohol. At the proposal stage it is a simple matter to obtain menus and calculate the menu cost per person (per head or per capita) and from this the overall cost of catering for the total amount of guests attending. Menus and food costs can be obtained from venues or caterers. If the venue has catering in-house, they will require the event organiser to use it. It makes sense to do so, because the in-house catering team will understand the idiosyncrasies of the venue, for one thing. Venues and event caterers will be happy to tailor menus to suit the event brief. Most caterers and venues will also arrange a menu tasting. This is particularly worthwhile to ascertain the quality of catering.