chapter  8
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Clinical Applications and Animal Studies

In this chapter, we discuss the applications of photoacoustic tomography (PAT) to several clinically significant areas and demonstrate its validity in humans or in animals. As described in Chapter 2, quantitative PAT (qPAT) can provide high-resolution functional images including hemoglobin and oxygenation, which promises its potential in breast cancer detection. Quantitative PAT is also uniquely suited for imaging joint diseases (e.g., osteoarthritis). The possibility of miniaturizing a PAT imaging probe renders it an excellent modality for intravascular, endoscopic, or intraoperative imaging. The high spatial and temporal resolutions of PAT in micrometer and millisecond scales offer its bright future in brain imaging, as it will play an unprecedented role in noninvasively mapping brain activity and connectivity, one of the hottest topics in today’s neuroscience and neurology.