chapter  2
22 Pages

Low-Temperature Microassembly Methods and Integration Techniques for Biomedical Applications

WithSerguei Stoukatch

Microassembly and packaging in a broad sense is a technique that interconnects microelectronics into a system level to form a functional product for the end user. Microassembly and packaging has gradually extended from integrated circuit and microsystems packaging toward assembly and integration of biochips, biomedical devices that often use microfluidic components, and wireless medical systems. This chapter briefly discusses the most common adhesives used for microassembly and packaging, including conductive and nonconductive adhesives, underfills, glob top, and encapsulants. Application of low-temperature technology has resulted in a working prototype of a fully functional biomolecule detection system that performs detection and semiquantification of influenza A viruses. The best way to achieve an optimal solution, reduce the cost and production time, and minimize the impact of the human factor is through modeling and simulation. The use of modeling and simulation will become increasingly necessary for future advances in microassembly and package development.