chapter  3
19 Pages

Lab on a Cellphone

WithAhmet F. Coskun, Hongying Zhu, Onur Mudanyali, Aydogan Ozcan

This chapter reviews some of the group's recent efforts on developing lab on a cellphone platforms that aim to implement multiple tele-medicine-related functionalities on cellphones. The chapter presents the spatiotemporal mapping of health-related information and test results generated through these cellphone-based measurement and imaging technologies toward cloud-based health monitoring/tracking, also providing an important tool for epidemiology. One of the important applications of cellphone-based imaging and sensing is to perform rapid and cost-effective blood analysis. Cellphone-based imaging technologies can also be employed as digital readers for diagnostics tests used especially in developing parts of the world. These cellphone-based microanalysis and diagnostics tools, with their connectivity worldwide, can be digitally linked to each other and to central servers, where massive amounts of biomedical data can be securely shared and stored in cloud-based networks to create spatiotemporal databases or maps, for example, for various diseases, hazardous biomarkers, pathogenic organisms, and many others.