chapter  5
25 Pages

Energy-Efficient Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Wake-Up Receiver Usage

WithHeikki Karvonen, Juha Petäjäjärvi

This chapter focuses on intelligent hierarchical wireless sensor network architecture, which can be used to effectively utilize heterogeneous devices collecting different types of sensor data from the patient's body or environment, performing autonomous networking, and providing data for the databases of the Internet of Things. In the hierarchical network case, the energy consumption can be decreased by utilizing a wake-up concept that enables to keep the most power-consuming devices at a sleep mode as long as possible. It discusses the wake-up concept design issues and introduces a generic wake-up radio-based medium access control protocol. The chapter also introduces different types of state-of-the-art wake-up receiver solutions that can be used to enable the wake-up concept. It outlines the examples of envisaged applications that can be built by utilizing the described intelligent hierarchical architecture. The chapter illustrates the high-level architecture and the functionalities offered at the different layer. It discusses the different receiver architectures that can be used for wake-up signal detection.