chapter  7
25 Pages

Cooperative Data Fusion for Advanced Monitoring and Assessment in Healthcare Infrastructures

WithVasileios Tsoutsouras, Sotirios Xydis, Dimitrios Soudris

This chapter introduces a generalized data fusion engine scheme that can be configured to meet the data fusion requirements in a complete medical-related sensor-based system. It describes a general system architecture supporting cooperative data fusion. The chapter explains the nature of the generalized data fusion scheme employed in the study. It explores cooperative data fusion through a real-life use case of an infrastructure supporting sensor deployment for wearable devices targeting wound monitoring and management. The chapter presents in more detail the experimental setup and the evaluation/validation of the proposed data fusion. It depicts an overview of the information flow of medical data within a sensor-based system. The chapter analyzes in more detail the instantiation schemas of the cooperative data fusion engines located at the patient's wearable device and at the clinical infrastructure. It summarizes the sensors directly connected to the smart wearable device.