chapter  11
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Introduction to Multitarget Tracking

ByK. V. Ramachandra

Besides the measurement inaccuracies and inadequacies of maneuver models to represent the true target characteristics, the actual tracking problem is much more complicated because of the presence of radar clutter plots or false reports, missing reports due to probability of detection being less than unity, presence of several targets (multiple targets), and also unknown targets requiring track initiation. This introduces an additional uncertainty regarding the origin of measurements, i.e., whether a measurement has originated from a target of interest or not. The number of targets present may also be unknown. This multitarget tracking problem has evoked great interest in recent years because of its application in both military and civilian areas such as ballistic missile defense, air defense, ocean surveillance, battlefield surveillance, air traffic control, etc. Several multitarget tracking algorithms have been developed [1–19] and recent books [6–8,17–19] discuss the application of these algorithms.