chapter  7
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Optimal Design for Nonlinear Two-Player Zero-Sum Games under Communication Constraints

Nonlinear networked control systems (Hespanha et al. 2007), which brings in a communication network to close the feedback loop between a nonlinear plant and remote controller, has been considered recently due to many benefits. Liu et  al. (2007) analyzed and derived the stability region for LNCS. Subsequently, Walsh et al. (2001) considered the asymptotic behavior of NNCS with network-induced delays alone. A discrete-time framework has been proposed by Wouw et al. (2010) to analyze NNCS stability in the presence of both delays and packet losses. Liu et al. (2007), Walsh et al. (2001), and Wouw et al. (2010) requires the knowledge of system dynamics and network imperfections to maintain the stability of the NCS. Moreover, optimality is preferred besides stability (Hu and Zhu 2003; Wang et al. 2007; Jia et al. 2009).