chapter  6
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Optimal Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Networked Control Systems via Neurodynamic Programming

Nonlinear networked control systems (NNCS) (Tipsuwan and Chow 2003), which utilize a communication network to connect a nonlinear plant with its controller, have been considered in the literature due to the benefits mentioned in the previous chapters. Following the stability analysis for a LNCS (Zhang et al. 2001), Walsh et al. (2001) analyzed the asymptotic behavior of an NNCS in the presence of known network-induced delays. In Wouw et al. (2012), a discrete-time framework is introduced to analyze the NNCS stability with both delays and packet losses, provided the system dynamics and network imperfections are known beforehand. In addition, optimality is generally preferred (Feng et al. 2002; Hu and Zhu 2003; Dehghani 2005; Tabbara 2008) over stability alone. The optimal policy for LNCS is given in Chapter 3.