chapter  6
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Impacts of Digitization by Built-In Coordinate Points on Image Information Quality

This chapter discusses the impacts of the sampling operation at each digitized built-in coordinate point. Image sensors measure the number of photons entering the domain of each built-in coordinate point. The images that are obtained by spatial sampling are confirmed by simple simulations using spreadsheet software. A shorter exposure period means a narrower sampling width providing less blurred images of moving objects, that is, a higher modulation transfer function or amplitude as well as space sampling. The color information of the images obtained by the method utilizing human perception has limited effectiveness for applications that human eyes do not view. Space, color, and time are the coordinate points built in space, no margin of noise occurs as a coordinate point itself. Therefore, error and defection of information of the coordinate point occur in light intensity at the coordinate point as a false signal, such as moire, spurious resolution, false color, color noise, blurring, and lag.