chapter  10
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Flexible Future of the Internet

The evolution of the Internet has played a central and crucial role as the main enabler of digital era. The Future Internet (FI) needs to be intelligent and adaptive, continuously optimizing the use of its resources and recovering from faults and attacks without any effect on the demanding services and applications.’ The FI experience two major shifts from the conventional Internet. The first is a shift from wired to wireless communications. Secondly, the role of a network more rapidly shifted from communication between end users to content delivery, especially large media files. Mobility is the norm of the architecture that potentially nurtures FI with new scenarios and applications. Scalable video delivery over peer-to-peer (P2P) networks seems to be key for efficient streaming in emerging and FI applications. Event-based scalable encoding can be used in FI to perform rate optimization for transmission and storage according to the event significance in a video sequence.