chapter  5
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Wireless Mesh Networks

Wireless mesh network (WMN) technologies have been researched and developed as key solutions to improve the performance and services of different wireless environments such as wireless personal area network (WPAN), wireless local area network (WLAN), wireless metropolitan area networks (WMAN), and cellular multihop networks. WMN comprises the mesh routers (MRs), mesh clients (MCs), and the mesh backbone infrastructure. WMN architecture can take different topologies based on the structural design of its components with respect to one another and to the network environment. On the basis of their characteristics, WMNs are generally considered as a type of ad hoc networks because of the lack of wired infrastructure. Routing is one of the key components for data delivery in a WMN. WMN routing protocols can be classified into four classes: ad hoc based, controlled flooding, traffic aware, and opportunistic. Many of the proactive routing protocols have been adopted or specifically designed for WMNs.