chapter  7
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Security in Wireless Multimedia Communications

Security is a crucial part of wireless multimedia systems. Future wireless multimedia systems constitutes heterogeneous radio access technologies and networks underneath a common Internet protocol (IP) layer, where security presents a very critical part and very complex and broad topic. The existing physical layer security techniques can be classified into major categories: theoretically secure capacity, channel, coding, power and signal detection approaches. A successful mobile network operator plays central role in future mobile networks while having a “partnership” with various participants of the value chain. Because the network operator is the main contact point of the user, their security requirements on mobile systems should be carefully considered by the operator with support from other parities. Concerning researches on the long-term evolution LTE/LTE-A features, the following security aspects can be identified: cellular security, handover security, Internet protocol multimedia subsystem (IMS) security, Home evolved Node B (HeNB) security, and machine type communication (MTC) security.