chapter  8
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Wireless Communication Systems in the Smart Grid

With the increasing interest from both academic and industrial communities, this chapter describes the developments in communication technology for the smart grid (SG). In particular, a wireless network deploys in the smart grid for data collection and remote control purposes. The chapter deals with the main component of the SG together with the corresponding communication architecture. The main components of the SG are new and advanced grid components, smart devices and smart metering, integrated communication technologies, programs for decision support and human interfaces, and advanced control systems. The main objective of demand load control in the SG is to alleviate peak loads, which cause major expenditures in power utility. Heterogeneous networks manage and collect information from established intelligent electronic devices for control and automation purposes in real time. Thus, the SG needs to communicate many different types of devices, with different needs for quality of service (QoS) over different physical media.