chapter  9
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Evolution of Embedded Internet

The growth of the Internet is the reason behind a new pervasive paradigm in computing and communications. This novel paradigm, named the Internet of things (IoT), is continuous with the concept of smart environments as well as with the deployment of numerous applications in many fields of future life. The IoT considers as a convergence among a number of heterogeneous disciplines. This multidisciplinary domain covers topics from technical issues, to a mix of technical and societal issues including social and business themes. An emerging category of devices at the edge of the Internet are consumer-centric mobile sensing and computing devices such as smartphones, multimedia players, and in-vehicle sensors. In mobile crowdsensing (MCS), individuals with sensing and computing devices collectively share data and extract information to measure and map phenomena of common interest. The wireless interconnection of pervasively deploys nanodevices with all sorts of devices and, ultimately, the Internet enables a new networking paradigm, known as the IoNTs.