chapter  1
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Contradictions in Optical Phenomena

WithChandrasekhar Roychoudhuri

Noninteraction of waves or the Non-Interaction of Waves property is common to all waves in the linear domain and in the absence of interacting materials. Autocorrelation between a pair of replicated fields to generate measurable changes implies some form of field–field interaction force, which has never been formally declared. Publications by Lamb, Jaynes, indicate that semiclassical theory is adequate to explain almost all the light–matter interaction phenomena. When one claims that he or she has registered a single photon “click,” what has really been measured in the instrument is a current pulse consisting of many billions of electrons through amplification of the light-induced emission of one or more starting electrons. Drawing a conclusion from current pulses that photons are indivisible quanta and each electron is released by a single indivisible light quantum does not demonstrate a one-to-one logical correlation.