chapter  11
37 Pages

NIW Property Requires Complex Tension Field (CTF)

WithChandrasekhar Roychoudhuri

This chapter proposes several potentially far-reaching concepts to bring back hard causality in physics by leveraging the causal model for photon. The wave packet is generated in the Complex Tension Field (CTF) due to the release of some energy by a different manifest agent of the CTF, which is capable of triggering the harmonic undulation of CTF’s potential electric vector field. If the CTF postulate can be validated, then we do not need to find dark energy separately, and perhaps even the dark matter, to account for the total energy of the universe. If the CTF itself does not participate in accepting any energy out of its oscillatory interacting entities while they undergo transformations through energy exchange between themselves, then the universal rule of conservation of energy becomes understandable as a causal rule. Atoms’ musical derives from its own discrete set of quantized dipolar undulations, which it imposes on the CTF.