chapter  12
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Evolving Scientific Inquiry

WithChandrasekhar Roychoudhuri

Advancement in scientific thinking has been evolving through many iterative changes in paradigms throughout the history. Modern scientific thinkers co-opted the power of DIM-E to develop first a refined set of hypotheses or postulates to bring some conceptual continuity to the set of interrelated observations. Interaction Process Mapping Epistemology was about to become irrelevant in scientific thinking within about a decade. The structure of quantum mechanics theory and its built-in confusing interpretations have evolved under the dominant scientific paradigm of Measurable Data Modeling Epistemology. Serious human inquiry about how the universe came about, as to what are the meanings and purposes behind the universe, and what could or should be the roles of humans in it, could not have begun much earlier than when humans learned to gather and store foods and gained excess time.