chapter  2
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Recognizing NIW Property

WithChandrasekhar Roychoudhuri

The Noninteraction of waves (NIW) property is an intrinsic characteristic of sound waves as long as the strength of the total amplitude of all the sound waves remains within the linear restoration limit of the pressure tension field of air, which is due to gravitational pull on all the air molecules. It is the sinusoidal undulations of the pressure tension field that is propagating. Propagating sound waves are not bulk air. A sound wave is an excited state, or an emergent property, of the collection of air molecules under pressure. EM waves also follow this NIW property. Fresnel’s mathematical representation of Huygens principle automatically implies the validity of the NIW property, recognized by Huygens. The chapter presents two experiments that we have carried out to underscore that, by virtue of the NIW property of EM waves.