chapter  7
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MIMO SAR in Moving Target Indication

This chapter introduces the azimuth three-antenna and azimuth two-antenna synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for ground moving target imaging. SAR was originally developed to image stationary scenes. SAR imaging of stationary scenes from both spaceborne and airborne platforms has been well understood; however, with the advancement of sophisticated SAR signal processing and imaging method more specialized remote sensing problems are being studied, including the detection, parameter estimation and imaging of the ground moving targets in SAR scenes. Ground moving target indication (GMTI) is of great important for surveillance and reconnaissance. Despite numerous SAR GMTI algorithms being reported, significant challenges in detecting and measuring target motion information exist. The main challenge is to detect moving targets, estimate their motion parameters, and then focus and insert them into the imaged scene. Moving target indication, especially ground moving target imaging, is another application of multiple-input multiple-output SAR.