chapter  17
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The Case for Case Studies

WithLouis Theodore, R. Ryan Dupont

This chapter presents the case studies that relate to the simple health risk assessment algorithms and the hazard risk assessment algorithm. All these cases address issues in environmental risk. They are categorized under four headings: Monte Carlo Simulation, Emergency Planning and Response, Natural Disasters, and Industrial Accidents. These cases address issues of interest in four engineering fields: chemical, civil, environmental, and mechanical engineering. There are four major criteria that should be present and addressed in any meaningful case study: Logically consistent, Relevant criteria, Irrelevant criteria, and Reasonable argument. The development and preparation of a case study can be accomplished alone or in groups of three to five. One needs to consider the role that consensus plays in the preparation as opposed to a single individual who must articulate a unified position. Case studies were designed to bring a mix of learning and entertainment to what may be perceived as a dull and irrelevant subject.