chapter  18
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Monte Carlo Simulation

WithLouis Theodore, R. Ryan Dupont

This chapter presents the case study of Monte Carlo simulation, which is a unique approach to dealing with difficult problems. Monte Carlo simulation is a procedure for mimicking observations on a random variable that permits verification of results that would ordinarily require difficult mathematical calculations or extensive experimentation to achieve. The chapter highlights with four case studies that are concerned with lifetime, failure, and failure-related calculations. The case study one, time to pump failure, deals with a pump in a petrochemical facility. The case study two, time to failure of two electrical components, deals with a series system in a NASA spaceship consisting of two electrical components. The case study three, nuclear plant temperature gauge lifetime, deals with positioning of three temperature gauges near the outlet of a nuclear reactor. The case study four, bus section failures in electrostatic precipitators, deals with estimation of out-of-compliance probabilities for electrostatic precipitators on the basis of observed bus section failures.