chapter  19
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Emergency Planning and Response

WithLouis Theodore, R. Ryan Dupont

This chapter discusses four emergency planning and response case studies. The four case studies are the following: Terrorist attack of a pharmaceutical company’s plant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY; terrorist attack of the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY; plant-related accident at the “Wedo” chemical facility in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY; dilution ventilation models. The best method for countering terrorism for a pharmaceutical plant is to eliminate, if possible, the characteristics that make it an attractive target for terrorism. The plant should seek out chemicals and/or processes that are not hazardous and use them as alternatives to existing materials and methods. Terrorist attack of Navy Yard should consider the armaments present in the facility. Discussions should center on the “equipment” unique to the Navy Yard. Wedo chemical facility should consider the merits of the “Wedo” chemical plant’s approach to emergency planning and response.