chapter  21
18 Pages

Industrial Accidents

WithLouis Theodore, R. Ryan Dupont

This chapter presents four industrial case studies illustrating the application of basic principles and special techniques introduced in the health risk and hazard risk assessment. The first case study begins by applying special techniques to determine both the health risk and the hazard risk associated with the operation of a chemical plant producing a new, potentially unstable nanochemical. The second case is concerned with a preliminary hazard analysis that identifies health and hazard problems associated with a caustic tank that generates corrosive vapors. The third case is concerned with the transportation of hazardous chemicals. The last case study examines the risks associated with the operation of an offshore deepwater oil rig. M. Kazarians investigated the risk of transporting an acutely toxic and flammable chemical 400 miles in a specially equipped railroad tank car. Accident frequencies were evaluated separately for two types of activities involved with the railcar transport: mainline transit and rail yard classification.