chapter  3
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History of Environmental Hazard Problems

WithLouis Theodore, R. Ryan Dupont

The Bhopal tragedy reinforces the need for controls to prevent the siting of plants that produce hazardous chemicals close to residential areas and to prevent residential construction close to these plants. The chemical produced at Bhopal, methyl isocyanate, is an intermediate in the manufacturing of Carbaryl, which accounts for only 3% of all the pesticides used. This accident suggests that perhaps, whenever feasible, industry should develop plants that use less hazardous raw materials in their manufacturing process. The worst disaster in the history of the chemical industry occurred in Bhopal, in central India, on December 3, 1984. The Indian Ocean earthquake was an undersea mega thrust earthquake that occurred in December 2004. Regarding health effects, there was a concern that the prolonged flooding and exposure to petrochemical-tainted floodwaters would lead to an outbreak of health and health-related problems for those who remained in the city.