chapter  12
60 Pages

Load Flow Methods: Part II

WithJ.C. Das

The sparsity techniques and ordered elimination led to its earlier acceptability and it continues to be a powerful load flow algorithm even in environment for large systems and optimization. The starting values can even be first estimated using a couple of the iterations with the Gauss–Seidel method for load flow and the results input into the Newton–Raphson method as a starting estimate. The phase shift will cause a redistribution of power in load flow, and the bus angles solved will reflect such redistribution. A new equation must be added in the load flow to calculate the new phase-shifter angle based on the latest bus magnitudes and angles. The dc load flow was attractive to reduce the central processing unit time, and in modern times with high speed computing there is a demise of dc load flow. Its efficacy is to conduct examination of possible outage conditions and sensitivity analysis, for a very large number of system configurations.