chapter  2
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Unsymmetrical Fault Calculations

WithJ.C. Das

The positive sequence network is active and has a voltage source, which is the prefault voltage. The distribution of the sequence currents in the network is calculated from the known sequence impedances. The broken conductors may be grounded on one side or on both sides of the break. An open conductor fault can occur due to operation of a fuse in one of the phases. Unsymmetrical faults are more common. The most common type is a line-to-ground fault. Approximately 70% of the faults in power systems are single line-to-ground faults. Symmetrical components can also be applied to the study of open conductor faults. These faults are in series with the line and are called series faults. One or two conductors may be opened, due to mechanical damage or by operation of fuses on unsymmetrical faults.