chapter  2
14 Pages

The Method of Moments*

ByAlejandro Dueñas Jiménez

Since the synthesized, constructed, analyzed, simulated, and measured circuits presented in this book are all microstrip circuits, a methodology to design this kind of network has to be developed. This chapter uses some direct closed-form equations and a numerical method to aid this purpose. The numerical method is the method of moments (MoM), which is studied only in its electrostatic version since it is used solely as a tool to synthesize microstrip circuits. The version is a simple one based on the boundary integral method using line charge arrangements to form conducting boundaries. The technique is well suited to analyze two-conductor open transmission lines complying or satisfying the Laplace equation. The chapter shows three examples of the application of the technique. The examples are originated from a slotted coaxial line structure converted to a mirror circular arc-strip line via the image theory. The numerical approach is validated by comparing the results to those obtained using variational expressions.