chapter  2
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Steady-State Performance and Analytic Derivation of SRM Characteristics

The requirement for finding the performance characteristics of the switched reluctance machine is to generate the relationships between the flux linkages vs. rotor position as a function of the machine phase currents. This chapter prvoides a procedure for analytically deriving the machine characteristics given the motor dimensions and excitation conditions along with the number of turns per phase. It prersents an analytic approach that uses numerical iteration to obtain inductance vs. current characteristics of the motor from machine variables that are used to predict the torque and power output. The chapter analyses the procedure for inductance and flux linkages determination is very similar to that for the unaligned and aligned cases. The performance of the switched reluctance motor can be computed by finite element analysis techniques, but there are some disadvantages in resorting to them routinely. Critical applications with a high power-density requirement for SRMs can be met with a three-dimensional field analysis.