chapter  6
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Modeling and Simulation of the SRM Drive System

The switched reluctance machine drive system simulation is much more complex than ac and dc motor drives because its operational region is mostly nonlinear. The nonlinearity is introduced by the following three factors. These are: The nonlinear B-H characteristics of the magnetic material, the dependence of phase flux linkages on both the rotor position and current magnitude, and the single source of excitation. This chapter explains the subsystem models and their derivation and a procedure for simulation of the drive system. The magnetization characteristics of the machine can be obtained from finite element simulation of the machine given the B-H characteristics of the lamination material, machine dimensions, and winding data. For currents and rotor positions within the given finite sets there could be infinite sets, and for these sets a procedure is required to compute the flux linkages and air gap torque. Further, the handling of large data sets is a formidable problem in the modeling process.