chapter  9
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Application Considerations and Applications

Newer motor drives are faced with a lag in acceptance in the marketplace, as well as a lag in the research and development arena. Historically, a 20-year lapse between the research and product development of a motor drive and its widespread acceptance for applications in industries is common. Many of the applications are categorized as low-, medium-, and high-power and high-speed drives for rotary motor drives. Some emerging applications and underwater applications. Some reasons may be found in the entrenchment of ac and dc drives in existing applications, with only new applications offering an entry point for new drives. Many possible applications may be found in direct-drive-based elevator door openers, semiconductor fabrication plants for material handling, other material handling applications, low-speed direct-propulsion drive transit systems, automatic direct-drive-based door openers in office and commercial environments, machine tools, slide tables, and in futuristic levitation systems for urban transit systems.