chapter  17
40 Pages

Application Issues of MPEG-1/2 Video Coding

ByYun Q. Shi, Huifang Sun

One architecture attempts to compensate for the reference picture error in the reduced resolution, while another attempts to do the same in the original resolution. The maturity of the moving picture expert group (MPEG) video coding standard is a very important achievement for the video industry and provides a strong support for digital transmission and storage of video signals. This chapter introduces several important application issues of MPEG-1/2 video that include the Advanced Television (TV) Standard Committee digital TV standard which has been adopted by the Federal Communications Commission as TV standard in the United States: transcoding, down-conversion decoder, and error concealment. The scalable video coding (SVC) methods are aimed at providing encoding of source video into multiple service grades and multitiered transmission for increased signal robustness. The multiple bitstreams created by MPEG SVC are hierarchically dependent in such a way that by decoding an increasing number of bitstreams, higher service grades are reconstructed.