chapter  20
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A New Video Coding Standard: H.264/AVC

ByYun Q. Shi, Huifang Sun

This chapter introduces a developed video coding standard, H.264 or Moving picture expert group (MPEG)-4 Part 10 Advanced Video Coding (AVC), which has been developed and standardized collaboratively by the joint video team of ISO/IEC MPEG and International Telecommunication Union-T Video coding expert group. Based on the conventional block-based motion compensated hybrid video coding concepts H.264/AVC provides approximately a 50% bit rate savings from equivalent perceptual quality relative to the performance of earlier standards. The draft of new video coding standard was submitted for formal approval as the final committee draft in March 2003 and promoted to final draft international standard in June 2003. The interface of network abstraction layer is designed to enable a seamless integration of the coded video data with all possible protocols and network architectures. The use of loop deblocking filters is another feature that is used to reduce the block artifacts and improve both objective and subjective video quality.