chapter  15
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Polarization of Light

WithAbdul Al-Azzawi

Polarization is interesting wave property of transverse light waves. Polarization is the principle applied to polarized sunglasses used in protecting the eyes from the sun’s rays under a clear sky. Polarization states are linear, circular, or elliptical according to the paths traced by electric field vectors in a propagating wave. The polarization phenomenon is used in many optical applications, such as testing plastic or glass under mechanical stress. Polarizer materials, such as beamsplitters and prisms, are used as components in polarization beamsplitter devices that are used in fibre communication systems. The photoelectric effect, involving the interaction of light with matter, is best explained by considering light as a particle. An electromagnetic wave consists of an electric field and magnetic field oriented perpendicular to one another. Light from an ordinary light source consists of many waves emitted by the atoms or molecules of the light source.