chapter  21
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Spectrometers and Spectroscopes

WithAbdul Al-Azzawi

Spectrometers are optical devices, and often are called prism spectrometers because they often use a prism for light dispersion. Common spectrum devices analyse light from a source. Light passes through a narrow slit and is focused into a parallel beam by a collimating lens; the beam then passes through a prism. Spectrometers are commonly used to analyse the wavelengths emitted by a light source. Light dispersion occurs in a prism and in water particles in the atmosphere. Spectrometers are widely used for determining the presence of certain types of molecules in laboratory specimens where chemical analysis would be difficult. The diffraction grating in Night Spectra Quest consists of a clear plastic sheet on which thousands of fine parallel lines have been ruled. The prism spectrometer is another simple type of spectrometer, one that uses a prism to create the spectrum of the light source.