chapter  23
18 Pages

Advanced Fibre Optic Cables

WithAbdul Al-Azzawi

The scaling down of fibre light sources brings the benefits of this fibre technology to a wide range of applications. These developments have led to a surge of interest in advanced fibre cables for both industrial and military applications. This chapter proposes a few experiments, such as fibre cable end preparation, and the measurements of numerical aperture, power output intensity, and calculations of loss. The advanced core and cladding designs of newer fibre cables attempt to achieve lower loss and low dispersion over a wide range of wavelengths, so the cable can operate at very high speeds over very long distances. Fibre lasers are light sources made from fibre. Single-mode, rare-earth-doped fibre lasers and amplifiers are widely used in telecommunications and other applications requiring compact, rugged optical sources with high beam quality. Fibre Bragg grating technology has gained favour in a wide range of applications because of its all-fibre configuration, great flexibility, and highly-efficient filtering functions.