chapter  24
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Light Attenuation in Optical Components

WithAbdul Al-Azzawi

Attenuation is the loss of power in a fibre-optic cable or any optical material, and can result from many causes. Attenuation for commercially-available fibre cables is specified in decibels per kilometre. Attenuation also depends on the types and specifications of the fibre. Attenuation in optical fibres varies with the wavelength of light. The light loss in any optical component is dependent on the accumulative losses due to internal and external losses. Internal losses are caused by light reflection, refraction, absorption, dispersion, and scattering. External losses are caused by bending, stresses, temperature changes, and overall system losses. Loss of light due to reflection at a boundary between two parallel optical surfaces comprises a large portion of the total optical losses in a system. Epoxy adhesives are a very important component in manufacturing fibre-optic devices. Fibre-optic cable bending losses are caused by a variety of outside influences.