chapter  25
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Fibre-Optic Cable Types and Installations

WithAbdul Al-Azzawi

Fibre-optic cables transmit data through very small cores over long distances at the speed of light. Important considerations in any cable installation and operation are the bending radius; tensile strength; ruggedness; durability; flexibility; environmental conditions, such as temperature extremes; and even appearance. The minimum bend radius and maximum tensile loading allowed on a fibre-optic cable are critical during and after installation. The chapter presents the types of fibre-optic cables in current use and methods of installation. Testing fibre cables after installation is an important aspect of any communication system. The chapter introduces the student to fibre cable installation and the testing of fibre cable after the installation is completed. There are many fibre-optic cable types and designs available. Fibre cables can be classified into the following categories: fibre-optic cables for indoor applications, those for outdoor applications, and for indoor/outdoor applications. Indoor cables are generally installed and operated in a controlled, stable environment.