chapter  2
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The 3R Framework

Room, Routines, and Relationships

This chapter explains how to set up a classroom that supports teachers teaching goals. It establishes the routines that support the flow of daily life in their classroom. The chapter builds intentional relationships with children, parents, and classroom helpers. The classroom should be divided into areas that clearly tell the children what to do as they play in each area. Some teachers make up small sets of toys that suggest a play idea and keep them on hand to help a child who needs extra support. These are small toys to use on a table top with a theme that encourages language development. Young children who may not have been in school before need routines for everything: washing hands, taking out and putting away toys, handling art materials, looking at books on rug, and anything else the children can do independently. Teaching children how to build good relationships with others is one of the teacher's responsibilities in a child-centered program.