chapter  1
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The End of Ideology
ByEric Cheyfitz

Disinformation signals a systemic malfunction of liberal democracy, which serves within the collapse of the two-party system a set of class interests. It achieves this precisely by erasing the vocabulary of class, which it does from the Constitution forward by erasing the idea of "economic rights". A presidential campaign like Barack Obama's in 2008, which was predicated on the promise of progressive "change", proffered an empty promise, a cipher, and constituted an act of Disinformation. That is, the key word "change" had no referent. The "war on terror" is a prime example of a fiction of Disinformation. Disinformation begins to take its modern, pervasive form from 1980 forward. This form coincides with the continual shrinking of the middle-class so that the American Dream, based in the promise of the continuing expansion of this class, loses its form as ideology, that is, loses its referent and becomes Disinformation.