chapter  Chapter 6
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Design of a Study on Stress at Work

ByChris L. Peterson

A number of research approaches were possible to study stress and ill-health at work. The research is based on labor process theory of the determinants of stress and ill-health. Labor process writing has shown that blue-collar workers are most likely to have the most negative work experience, including the least control over work and the greatest lack of opportunity for using skills on the job. The composition of each dependent variable analyzed in the study is outlined together with its method of measurement and the construction of scales. For each of the dependent variables, from negative work, stress, low self-esteem, and low personal mastery to ill-health and psychiatric measures, pooled analyses are undertaken to test the specific effects of independent variables. Specific analyses used in labor process writings are also carried out on the effects of several independent variables, as well as tests of association between independent and dependent variables.