chapter  9
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Merging Academics and Operations in a Statewide University Consortium

South Carolina’s three research universities-Clemson, the Medical University

of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, and the University of South Carolina

(USC)—are now in the sixth year of a productive partnership: the Sustainable

Universities Initiative (SUI). In 1998, the presidents of the three schools signed

a pledge to cooperate in leading the way toward a more sustainable future through

teaching, research, community service, and facilities management. The initial

phase of the effort was funded by a generous grant from the V. Kann Rasmussen

Foundation. In 2000, the foundation assisted the universities in obtaining

$300,000 in one-time funds from the General Assembly to expand the program

to other state-supported institutions of higher education. To date, 13 four-year

and technical schools have joined. The largest of the three founding schools,

USC, has approximately 30,400 full-time equivalent students at its Columbia

campus and four-year and two-year regional campuses around the state. Clemson,

the state’s land grant university, has approximately 17,000 students, while the

Medical University in Charleston has approximately 2,500.