chapter  3
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Decisions About Drug Use

BySeymour Eiseman, Robert A. Eiseman

The use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs have been part of “societies and cultures” since Biblical times. In contemporary America, prescribed medications and over-the-counter drugs are experimented with and used in combination with alcohol and other drugs for various effects. The use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs continue to plague human beings. There are several models that attempt to explain the nature of alcohol/drug abuse. The chapter presents three models: the disease model; the environmental model; and the addictive model. The disease model maintains that alcohol/drug addiction is a chronic progressive disease based on a threefold concept. The three elements are: biologic/genetic sensitivity; environmental aspects; and individual psychological nature. The environmental model is extracted from sociological studies citing early abuse, parental anger, peer pressure, and other environmental factors causing abuse and addiction. The addictive model asserts that the body adapts on a cellular, biological level to the toxic effects of alcohol/drugs present in the system.