chapter  4
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BySeymour Eiseman, Robert A. Eiseman

Drugs have stained every neighborhood in every city and state in our country. The price of the drug scourge increases day by day. Illegal drugs have affected every phase of life; individual, family, and society are involved. Hard drugs have damaged the lives of millions of citizens, young and old alike. The drug trade, of all multi-national, capitalist enterprises, functions on the ancient rule of supply and demand. The legalization of illegal drugs is akin to legalizing rape and murder. It solves the problem of redefining it. Drug abuse is in the same category in that it is also detrimental to the individual and society. Small groups of violent entrepreneurs run the trade in individual housing projects, in the vicinity of high schools and other identified neighborhoods. The attitude for legalization should not be considered as one made out of weakness but rather a true desire to control the crime factor.