chapter  7
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CSR reporting of private companies

WithJieqi Guan, Carlos Noronha

This chapter investigates the motivation or extent of corporate social responsibility (CSR) information disclosure of private enterprises and their reporting practices. Content analysis is conducted on 205 annual reports and 33 CSR reports issued by 61 private enterprises during 2006—2010. Resources are prioritized according to the social contribution made by the state-owned enterprises. While private companies were eager to show themselves positively through CSR reporting, they neglected training on standard CSR reporting methods; the layout and contents of their CSR reports are not standardized and lack references to international or domestic CSR reporting initiatives. To obtain a thorough picture of social reporting practices of private firms, CSR information on the websites of selected companies was also reviewed and analyzed. In the process of creating a sound CSR environment, the government plays an active role in encouraging, guiding, and driving the development of social reporting of private companies.