chapter  10
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Approvals and Client Meetings

It is critical to understand that at producer and client levels, politics, money and pride are often influential factors in their thinking and decision-making—that's the nature of the beast. An assessment of the objectives should be discussed and agreed upon in the client approval meeting, just as they were initially agreed upon at the project inception. Becoming defensive about changes a client or producer might want will quickly land the out of work and not likely the recipient of many future phone calls. Most Producers are much too busy to deal with disruptive people who feel they are special and take the client's or your comments as an affront to their "elite creative status". It's worth mentioning again that some writers and directors come into a production feeling that they have to project a kind of aloof or "Hollywood" image. They feel clients, and in some cases producers, should view them as media elites, "creative auteurs".