chapter  3
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Program Inception: The Needs Analysis

The story of Channel Islands High School principal, Maria Gonzalez, offers an ideal example of how powerful and transformational the adult school experience can be, for both individuals and the community. Her account will serve as a centerpiece for the production. A documentary-style program, roughly 10-15 minutes in length, would work well for this media need. Since Maria Gonzales, Principal at Channel Islands High School, was once a migrant worker and an Oxnard Adult School student, her profile would provide an excellent example for the entire program. Maria's journey could be highlighted with historic images of Oxnard and the school. Other testimonials from students, teachers and Oxnard Adult School principal Judy Perkins, would add depth and richness to the message of how the school has helped shape the future of many individuals, and in doing so has helped the community grow and prosper.