chapter  8
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It has been said that film and video production is a collaborative effort. The work of crew has a major impact on how well the shoot goes and the end results. The videographer will pan, tilt, focus and zoom, all of which will provide the attractive shots the director is after. The grips and gaffers will keep the shoot moving and provide lighting and support for the videographer's work. The assistant director (AD) and production assistants will deal with the client's wishes, actors, paperwork, employees and executives' needs. In many cases, these are the utilitarian aspects of a production. The director is hired primarily for his creative talent and ability to work with professionals to get acceptable, editable segments and credible performances. Many of the "issues" that arise on a shoot can, and should be, dealt with by the AD and other crew members. Some of the most important things a director deals with are: Execution, Command and Critical judgments.